About us

Standing by you as a strong and reliable service provider in the management of your property.

Company history

Marktblick Hausverwaltung mbH was founded in 1998 under the name "We Care Gesellschaft für Hausverwaltung mbH".

For 25 years

Our company has been active in property management in Berlin for 25 years. Our well-trained team comprises 10 employees.

The experience of our rental and condominium administrators is complemented in a goal-oriented manner by the efforts of our in-house craftsmen and our architects.

Continuous education and training are an important basis for a competent and dynamic company. We pay attention to the professional training of our team and have been successfully training up young professionals for many years.

All of which makes us a strong and reliable service provider in the management of your real estate.

Company history

In 1998 our company was founded under the name “We Care Gesellschaft für Hausverwaltung mbH”. But although the name was considered successful at first, we subsequently realised that “we care” could be problematic in the local dialect, Berlinerisch: “…is that we – ka – re property management? I’d like to ask you something …” sounds rather awkward!

In 2008, it was felt that our name should more strongly reflect our competencies and the management and employees decided to rename the company “Marktblick Gesellschaft für Hausverwaltung mbH”. A name that describes us: We have an eye on the real estate market! – We look at the market for you!

For many years the company was located in Französische Straße on Gendarmenmarkt. In 2009 we moved to the other side of Leipziger Straße, leaving the tourist hotspot of Gendarmenmarkt for the bustling office life around Zimmerstraße. In December 2022, it was time for another change of scenery. We moved our office to the beautiful district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, directly to Bundesallee 185.

For the first few years, the company managed only residential properties. From 2002, commercial properties – offices and shopping centers – were added and, in line with developments on the residential property market, we expanded to include condominium and special property management.

From the beginning, we have focused strongly on digitalization. Today, our company philosophy rests on the building blocks of modern and efficient IT support, systematized workflows, continuous training and a good working atmosphere.